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Marco Rubio Repeats Himself Because Voters Don't Watch C-Span All Day

Marco Rubio landed in South Carolina on Wednesday aiming to engineer a reboot for his once high-flying campaign. But so far, his camp is mostly blaming the media for exaggerating his glitchy performances. Eager to dispel the charge that he's unable or afraid to speak off the cuff, Rubio answered questions for 45 minutes on his campaign plane. It's a rare occurrence for the Florida senator and, according to Politico, one designed to establish a better relationship with an increasingly critical press corps. However, Rubio also complained that the reporters who follow him are too quick to pounce on his repetition of canned lines in stump speeches. He said, "You guys have heard it fifty times? but the voter?that may be the first time they've ever seen me." Rubio added, "Sometimes you do have to repeat things, because these voters aren't sitting in front of C-Span all day watching ?Road to the White House.'"

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