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Marco Rubio: US Will Inflict "Humiliating Defeats" on ISIS

Marco Rubio vows he will use American forces to inflict "high-profile, humiliating defeats" on ISIS. The Republican Presidential hopeful told the Guardian in an interview this week, his strategy to fight ISIS the leaves no option on the table including US ground troops to support a coalition led by Sunni nations. Rubio also rejected Donald Trump's conservational plan to target all Muslims in America as as "not a serious proposal". In a wide ranging examination of US foreign policy Rubio accused Republican rivals Ted Cruz and Rand Paul of taking steps that would weaken American defense and intelligence-gathering capabilities. Rubio didn't forgot President Obama and criticized him for having only "components of a strategy" but no comprehensive plan to take on Isis. He nonetheless maintained that "the bulk of the ground work" would rest on the shoulders of Sunni Arabs in the region.

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