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Rubio Continues Battle With Cruz After Debate

Marco Rubio, fresh off a primetime brawl with Ted Cruz on Tuesday's debate stage, was on the offense once again on Wednesday, pressing his foreign policy argument that the Texas senator is a dangerous isolationist masquerading as a hawk. Rubio and Cruz, both jockeying for position atop the Republican field in the run-up to the first primary contests in February, are sharpening their contrasts with each other and each landed points at Tuesday night's debate. During an appearance on Fox News Channel, Rubio said, "You know, Ted stood up there and said, ?I'm gonna utterly destroy ISIS' Anyone can say that. What are you gonna do it with? And when you support a budget like he does, that dramatically cuts defense spending, when you vote against every defense authorization bill ever presented before you, how can you then stand there and say that?"

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