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Rubio's Turn To Attack Trump After Being Called Corrupt

The Marco Rubio campaign released a statement attacking Donald Trump, presumably in response to Donald Trump's recent political ad that paints a corrupt picture of the senator from Florida. The statement brings up the contributions Trump gave to Charlie Crist in 2010 who Rubio beat in his race for the Senate. Crist was seen as a flip flopper after becoming an independent after being a republican and before turning into a democrat. Rubio's campaign stated, "First, Donald Trump gave big bucks to Charlie Crist in 2010 and now he's recycling the same false and negative attacks about Marco. Charlie Crist's and Donald Trump's con didn't fool Floridians in 2010 and it won't fool them now." Trump's campaign ad must have raised the ire of Rubio when the narrator states at the end of the ad, "Marco Rubio: another corrupt, all-talk, no-action politician".

Source: Inform